Sunday, February 8, 2015

You know who you are

I have a friend.
I only see her at church on Sunday.
We live an hour away from one another, she has a full time job and we are each busy raising boys.
She has made it her personal responsibility to see that none of my fundraising items go unsold!
I will not give her name - but if this adoption does not hurry along, she will either go broke or need serious marriage counseling. Ha!

But the biggest thank you goes out to this dear woman because of this:

I have been joking all along about "selling anything that isn't nailed down",  but it really isn't far from the truth.  So when we had our first online auction, I included the earrings I had worn in my daughters wedding.  I quipped something like "I love these earrings, but I love that little girl more."
I noticed that my dear friend was bidding on them and I was so happy for her to have them.
Except that when the auction was over, I got a phone call from her saying that she was happy to pay for those earrings, but she had purchased them for ME.  So that I would be able to wear them again, to another daughter's wedding someday.

How do you even begin to say "Thank you." for something like that?

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