Saturday, January 31, 2015


I live in a house with 4 men.
Okay.  Two men and two boys.
Okay.  One man, one young man and two boys.
You get the picture.
I am the only girl.  Me.  By myself.
I don't mind.  I love raising boys.  So much crazy (dangerous!) fun.
But when our daughter (our oldest) got married I was left alone in the Testosterone Zone.

Something else to know about me in order to really appreciate this post, is that I try not to get too optimistic about stuff. 
I am the worst case scenario type of gal.

You should also know we had an adoption fall through two years ago. Talk about worst case scenario.

So, when we announced our current adoption to the congregation at church I was a nervous mess.  I wasn't sure what people would think after the first adoption had "failed".  I was not sure how we were going to raise the money - we had wiped out our savings in the previous attempt.  I was really not even sure I wanted to go "public" at all.  I was really trying not to think about it much at all and just get through the paperwork/fundraising at hand.

There is a beautiful young woman who attends church with us.  She is thoughtful and sweet and she made a beeline to me right after that service.  Here is what she said:
"If it is okay with you, I would like to purchase a basket and keep it in my room and start to fill it up with the things you will need for your girl. I just feel like God has laid this on my heart to do for her. I would like to start buying some small things like maybe hair ties and nail polish and lotion or bubble bath. And please let me know as soon as you know what size she will wear."

I was dumbfounded.

"Things we will need for our GIRL."

Until that very moment I had not given one single thought to "girl stuff".  I was so buried in the NOW that I hadn't even stopped to imagine the FUTURE.

This young lady listened to what God told her to give.  She thought she was giving me toe-nail polish.  But she was giving me an anchor.  Tangible evidence of this thing that God is doing. 

She has filled that basket already and delivered it to me!

It is in Nadia's bedroom.  I go in there and peek at it sometimes and let myself get just a tiny bit excited about my GIRL.

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