Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today, I want to thank Peggy.

When you begin an international special needs adoption, you sort of have an idea of how you will raise the money, or where your major support will come from and who will be your biggest encouragers.  At least we did.  Or thought we did.

But the truth is, we can never foresee the things that God will do, or the people He will use in our lives.
One of our biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and encouragers on this journey is a woman I have never even met, or spoken to, or even chatted with online.

She is an acquaintance of my husband's through work.

They don't even work in the same building, or the same state for that matter!

But when Tim posted our first big fundraiser on his Facebook page, she flew into action.  She enthusiastically bid on, and won several auction items.  I shipped them off with a thank you card and thought no more of it.

Until Tim forwarded me this photo:

Do you know what those are?  Those are the spiced nuts that Peggy took the time to make (in the middle of the Holiday season) and sell from her desk at work to help fund our adoption.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This woman organized her own fundraiser for us.  Remember, I have never met her. 

Guess what?

She wasn't finished.

She continued to rally for us and shared our grant fund with others. 
She solicited a large tax deductible donation from one of her clients. 
(I mean large.  Think international airfare folks.)

She repeatedly, unselfishly stuck herself right out there on Nadia's behalf.

And I haven't even met her...yet.

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