Friday, February 27, 2015


Okay, I know some of you who know us personally are beginning to think "For real? When is that girl gonna thank her church family?"

Well, today is the day!

Honestly, I just had no idea how to write about the experience.  Still don't.

Let's just see where this leads, shall we?

Truthfully I want to thank everyone of you individually. 

But the folks at Connecting Point Church have been such an example of the working, unified Body of Christ that it also seems essential to address them corporately.

I can hardly begin to explain what they have meant, and continue to mean, to us throughout this process.

Prayer?  They've provided it.  Serious laying-on-of-hands kind of prayer.  Silent, miraculous someone-must-be-praying-for-us kind of prayer.  And specific, right-out-loud-get-down-to-business prayer.

Encouragement?  They specialize in it.  If anyone disagrees with what we are doing (and I am sure there has to be someone) they haven't told us. (Thank you!) Have they had questions?  You bet.  We have been happy to answer them all.  Have they had concerns?  Sure.  But they have been addressed with so much love that I can only put them here, under the "Encouragement" category.

Money? (Let's not pull any punches people, adoption is SPENDY.) It is rare to see a whole congregation put their money where their mouth is, but these people have done it and then some.  Their generosity has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

Dear Lord, I can never repay these people for being your living, breathing Body to us.
Father, store up treasures in your kingdom for them. 
Pile them high.
And add this little tag, please?

"With love, from The Daughtons"

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