Saturday, January 31, 2015


I have been wanting to get on here and blog for quite some time.
But honestly it is so very hard to write what I know our future daughter might one day read. 
Will it embarrass her?  Will she feel like the object of our pity*?  I just don't know. 
One thing I do know.  I know that I want her to understand how much she was loved before she even came into our home.  I want her to see what the Body of Christ can accomplish if it is united.  I want her to understand the power of Community.
And so let this platform be one of gratitude to the many who have loved our girl without knowing her, who have taught us that money is only one of the things that we have needed to make this adoption happen, to those who have sacrificed on our behalf and loved us unconditionally.
Let the Thank You's begin!

*I edited this post based on the comment left by a sweet friend.
She is 100% correct.  My use of the word "charity" held negative connotations. 
She made me stop and think about that. 
So I changed things and wrote what I actually meant to say.

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